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Informative document under the art.13, D.Lgs. June 30th 2003 n. 196. In conformity with D.Lgs. June 30th 2003 n.196, we provide the right informations in order with aim and conditions of your personal data, and the area of communication and diffusion of them, the nature of the personal data that we possess and their ordinance.

The treatment will be performed with the help of the modern information systems and by special individuals.

The ordinance of personal data is required because it's important to fulfil fiscal, accounting, civil and welfare commitments. The holder also makes known that the failed or wrong communication of some compulsory informations, has particular consequences:

• The holder cant' guarantee the treatment's adequacy;

• The failed agreement of the treatment's results to the commitments imposed by the fiscal, civil, administrative or work rules.

You can assert your rights as proclaimed by the articles 7, 8, 9 e 10 D.Lgs. June 30th 2003 n.196, addressing the treatment's holder:

Genius Srl

In the figure of his legal representativera pro-tempore.

Your personal data will be insered in the electron data bank of your online shop in obedience to what established by the law 675/96 about the wardship of personal data. Your data won't be released to third party.