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When you choose the product to order, it will be enough marking your personal and possible other informations for the invoicing.

Important: before confirming your purchase, verify the accuracy of the informations.


We accept payments with credit cards or IWSMILE/IWBANK account.
You can also proceed your payment through VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.
We accept Postepay card.

Important: the debit on your credit card will be made when your order is ready for shipping and only for available products. For partial shipping, the amount of unavailable products or sent in a second moment, will be automatically deducted from the total during the registration of the order.


The shipping can proceed with:

Pony express

   Important: The shipping address must be correct and we recommend to give availability for picking up the order; the pony express guarantees the shipping in 24/72 hours but it's not possible fixing a day or hour to pick up the baggage.

  For other informations or help, please check the Contacts section.


Shipping charges are automatically calculated in the "shopping cart" page, depending on the destination and baggage's weight.


2-3 working days for the carrier (it depends on the destination: ex. islands);


Our store is always well-stocked, but some products could be unavailable at the moment of your order: these produtcs will be available in 5-7 days.

Partial Shipping
in the case of lenghty shipping caused by an unavailability of some products, you will receive and email where you can decide if receiving the available ones and the missing objects in a second time, or waiting for the complete order.

You'll be informed by email also when a product is for some reason untraceable.


The purchases in the section "online shop" of Leonardo da Vinci exhibition are regulated by the italian law. The withdrawal right can be exercised in 10 days after the delivery.
To return the product, it must be duly packaged; please include a copy of the delivery note and order confirmation to:

Leonardo Da Vinci - Le grandi macchine
Piazza della Cancelleria
00186 - Roma - RM

The shipping charges of the returned products are paid by the customer.
In 30 days from the return of the object we will provide for the total refund of the order, with the exception of the shipping charges. The refund will be made by bank trasfert: please include all the bank account details.
We can't accept returns of damaged products.


In case of damaged products, please contact us to arrange the methods of substitution.