Torna alla Mostra di Leonardo Da Vinci Versione Italiana
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An exhibition dedicated to the universal Genius Leonardo Da Vinci, in the heart of Rome and with different itinerant versions in every part of the world, the Leonardo da Vinci museum presents a unique experience to each visitor where the sensorial faculty and the knowledge of the "Leonardo da Vinci" topic joins together giving the impression of plunging in a past of smashing actuality.
A reference point for the visitors and educational field, a complete cognitive tool, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Rome holds the true machines arising from the Da Vinci's codes.
An impressive and singular work, made with accuracy to realize specific working machines of large sizes and built with special proceedings: the machines, that can't never be described just "models" has an inner wooden structure and this required a care of sophisticated technologies and particular human abilities.
Therefore the Museum is a well-done show in every details where the machines' interactivity plays the most important role.